Express Air/Cabin Filter Service

Breathe Easy With Our Fast Air Filter Replacement

Express Air and In-Cabin Filter Service

Air filters are critical to the performance of your vehicle and to the health and comfort of you and your passengers. They keep the dirt and contaminants out of your vehicle systems and out of your lungs. That’s why Pine Belt Nissan includes a free air filter check as a part of their Express Service multi-point inspection. The Express Service multi-point inspection requires no appointment and is a fast, convenient way to ensure the well being of your vehicle and your air filters.

The engine air filter ensures that your vehicle is at its most efficient by protecting the engine from harmful dirt, debris and other contaminants that try to make their way into the fuel line. The engine air filter should be checked with each oil change and replaced at least once a year. Failing to maintain a clean engine air filter leads to reduced gas mileage and engine power and higher vehicle emissions.

The in-cabin air filter captures dust, pollen, bacteria, and exhaust gas from outside so that you can breathe cleaner air while driving. Yearly filter replacement is recommended to prevent you and your passengers from breathing in harmful unfiltered cabin air. If you don’t replace your in-cabin air filter, you might notice odors or poor heater and air conditioning performance.

The health of these filters is checked as part of the complimentary multi-point inspection offered by Pine Belt Nissan Express Service. Should your filters need to be replaced, Genuine Nissan Air Filter Replacements can be completed within 30-minutes at participating Express Service dealerships. You can breathe easy knowing that Pine Belt Nissan uses filters specifically designed and guaranteed to work with your vehicle. Come in today for a free multi-point inspection and we’ll get you back on the road fast with reliable service that you can trust.